The Drama of Representation in Media- Feb 17th PD in Surrey- Focus Day 2017

I’ll be presenting lessons on the Representation in the Media for grades 8-12 using the theory of Imaginative Education for the Surrey Focus Day 2017. Time to talk about current events, misrepresentation in the media, fake news, alternative facts and how to help students make sense of it all.

Screenagers film presentation at Whistler Waldorf School

So happy to be a panelist for the Whistler Waldorf Schools presentation of the film Screenagers on March 28th. I love that communities are coming together to support students (and ourselves) in finding balance in this media saturated world.

As a Media Education Consultant I am happy to conduct workshops aimed at a critical, thoughtful analysis of media.

Workshop topics include:

  • Media in the Home (management and education)
  • Social Media Use (body image and identity development)
  • Advertising
  • Stereotypes in the Media
  • Understanding Television
  • Video Game Culture and Criticism
  • Strategies to make sense of ‘Fake News
  • Educational Theory and Curriculum Development (Imaginative Education)
  • Media Studies Theory and Practice
Kym Stewart

Media Educator